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As-is (Used) furniture: Used furniture ready for resale, without cosmetic improvements. Usually your best value, as-is furniture can be put to use immediately, or we can repaint and refurbish it to your specifications..
Banking and asset management: RJ Furniture will warehouse, inventory and manage furniture assets in a way that allows the customer to control its usage and deployment. RJ personnel are available for installation, delivery and refurbishing as necessary.
Case goods: Furniture such as desks, bookcases, credenzas and cabinets, and file cabinets.
Data drops: Holes or spaces in work surfaces that allow data and electric cords to drop through the surface to receptacles.
Data solutions: Channels or tracks that allow for multiple data lines to be routed through multiple workstations, usually in a computer-networked workspace.
Design consultation: Everything from space layout and furniture selection to color specifications.
Dynamic Green Workstation: RJ's unique workstation that is composed of three parts: Remanufactured wall panels, new storage systems from Metal Arc, and new work surfaces manufactured by RJ.
Ergonomic: Designed to allow maximum comfort and efficiency. Such as adjustable keyboard trays or ergonomic seating with adjustable seats, backs and arms.
Fabric coating: A protective, stain resistant finish to wall panels and upholstered furniture.
Footprint: The actual floor space taken up by a particular item.
Installation: The delivery and construction of furniture including assembly and integration into the office space.
Liquidation: Selling a large quantity of used furniture. RJ has a national network of agents, buyers and brokers who can help our customers get the best possible price for used or obsolete furniture.
Recycled furniture: This term includes all forms of returning used office furniture to active use. Remanufactured, refurbished and as-is are all ways of recycling furniture. Usually referring to surface treatments, such as putting a new durable finish on wood furniture or re-laminating work surfaces, painting, and reupholstering.
Refurbishing: Adding value by painting or otherwise "touching up" used furniture.
Remanufactured furniture: "Like-new" used furniture that has been completely disassembled, parts inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced, reassembled and refinished prior to resale.
Re-serviced: Furniture that has been mechanically serviced for optimum performance, but not cosmetically improved. 
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